Hi, my name is Anna – welcome to my corner of the digital universe.  me_circleI’m a high school English teacher turned full-time mom currently living in a suburb of Kansas City.   I love to travel, read, write, struggle through DIY home renovations, play the piano, spend time with my husband, son, and family, and try my hand at healthy cooking and active living.

Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to write for a living, and I’ve filled journals with stories and narratives, both real and imagined.  While I can’t claim to be a lifestyle expert, I’m passionate about living a life full of adventures, both big and small, and this is my chance to share those adventures along the way.

A little more about me:  I married my high school sweetheart in September 2013 – his name is Jeremy and I couldn’t be happier.  Jeremy is a talented architect and a kind, warm, and loving soul.  We have two cats, a ragdoll cat named Leo who thinks he’s a human, loves to sit  and plays fetch, and a calico named Daisy who loves to be held but only by me, is an expert sunbather and napper, and who will eat anything.  We welcomed our son David in September of 2018, and he is the most precious and the center of my heart. Thanks to road trips with my family, college trips abroad, and travel as an adult, I’ve been to something like 43 states and 8 other countries and counting.  I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013, from a five-year program where I completed two undergraduate degrees (one in Secondary English Education and one in Creative Writing) and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  I’m a Jayhawk through and through.  I love dark chocolate and Coldplay, and the Harry Potter series defined my childhood (and my teenage years, too).  I love being deeply moved by a good book and I dream of seeing my own novel for sale on bookstore shelves someday.


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